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Pinched Nerve

Many people experience numbness or tingling in different areas of their body, most commonly in the fingers and toes. The numbness originates from a spinal nerve that has become pinched. This pinching can be identified correctly by a chiropractor. The pinching of the nerve may be in an individuals cervical spine (neck) or lumbar spine (low back). Most pinched nerves start out as simple neck pain or low back pain. Therefore a thorough examination will be done to determine the exact area of the problem.

So what causes a nerve to become pinched? This is a common question that comes up daily in our chiropractic office. There are many reasons as to how a nerve becomes "pinched." The most common is from a previous spinal injury that has healed wrong and over time has caused distress upon the nerve system. One can have a pinched nerve from a direct trauma or car accident. Sport injuries can lead to pinching of the nerve also. Arthritis or herniated discs can also cause nerves to become pinched and cause numbness or tingling in the extremities. There are many instances that can lead to a nerve becoming pinched or irritated which is why we do a complete examination to determine just how we can relieve the pressure upon the nerve .

Dr. J. K. Paterson, a medical doctor from Great Britain, performed a large study on patients with spinal pain syndromes. Of the 364 patients studied with cervical spine or neck disorders, 115 reported numbness, tingling or pain in one or both arms. A complete relief of symptoms was obtained in 90 percent of the patients with neck disorders using chiropractic manipulation. Interestingly, although Dr. Paterson had a high rate of success with pain disorders in the lower spine, the success rate for neck pain and numbness to the arms was even higher. This group of patients seems ideally suited to chiropractic manipulation.

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