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Neck Pain

Statistics show that neck pain affects 45% of today's workers. Prevalence of neck pain is 9% of adult males and 12% of adult females. The neck, or the cervical spine, consists of 7 vertebrae. The cervical spine supports the weight of your head which on average is about 12 pounds. The cervical spine allows our necks to achieve a great deal of range of motion in 6 directions. These 2 factors make our necks susceptible to injury.

Many different factors can lead to neck pain including: obesity, poor posture, car accident or whiplash, falls or traumas, improper biomechanics, stress, emotional tension and degenerative disorders such as degenerative disc disease or osteoarthritis. Neck pain also has a direct correlation to headaches.

A stiff neck is a good warning sign that something is happening structurally to your spine and it should be examined. There are many reasons why someone experiences a stiff neck and your chiropractor is qualified to determine the cause. Stiffness or pain is your body's way of telling you that something is wrong, similar to the check engine light on your car. The check engine light comes on and lets you know that your car needs to be serviced. Many people take their car in immediately when that check engine light comes on and you should take the same approach to your body.

Dr. Elwart performs a thorough case history which leads him to the causes for neck pain. He then performs a complete spinal examination looking for any postural differences, pinched or irritated nerves, muscle spasms and widespread inflammation. Specific orthopedic tests are performed to identify weaknesses in the cervical spine. Based on your particular case, Dr. Elwart may take spinal x-rays of your cervical spine. X-rays are taken and processed at Elwart Family Chiropractic. Once taken and processed, Dr. Elwart will review the films with you on the next visit and your treatment will begin. Treatment is custom for every single patient as each individual is a different case.

Let Dr. Elwart determine if he can help you with your neck pain by receiving a free consultation.